Manage and maintain your assets

Assetman helps you take control over your assets and increase your business value.

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Benefits of Assetman

Deliver value to your business with lowered costs and reduced risks

Achieve greater visibility and control of your assets with financial, supplier, and maintenance management. You can track all your assets movement and manage them as well. You can start using the software straight away after registration.

Hosted Benefits

Save time and costs as we provide the hardware, software and support to run the application. Application is accessible from anywhere in the world and at any time via internet. Application and server upgrades are done automatically. Disaster recovery and failover are included in the base service.

Optimize asset value

Obtain accurate accounting and real values of your assets to help you maximize your investment and review underutilized assets.

Impressive presentation

Benefit from personalized reporting features with graphical representation of information.

Increased mobility

Benefit from the flexibility of using the software wherever you want and on any platform- desktop, mobile phone or tablet.

Increased security

Work in a secure environment (SSL) where both data and transmission are encrypted. You also benefit from the user management security system where there are different user access levels which can be defined and managed.

About Assetman

Assetman is the most comprehensive enterprise asset management software solution on the market. It gives you full information on your assets; where they are, their condition, what function they perform, how much they are worth and their contribution to your organization. It also helps you in maintaining them properly.



  • Know the condition of an asset and plan its replacement
  • Asset numbering/tagging based on the international PASS 55 standards
  • Inbuilt database and no need to install any database system
  • Your asset data is more secured, with cloud back up and SLA to international standards
  • Get more value for money from their assets
  • Optimize expenditure in asset operations and maintenance
  • Quickly evaluate the worth of a department or company based on its assets

Pick Your Package

Pick Your Package

Key Features

Easy data entry

Data entry is easy with a user friendly interface and combo boxes. Guidance notes and quick links provided to help users in asset data entry and use of the software.

Barcode reading

Assets can be easily tracked by scanning the barcode with a reader or smartphone. After scanning, the asset information is displayed according to the type of user.

Asset tagging

Asset numbering / tagging based on the international PASS 55 standards.

Cloud database

Inbuilt database and no need to install any database system.

Quick reports

Generates reports in both text and spreadsheet formats. Selection boxes allows a multitude of report options.

Cloud backup

Your asset data is more secured, with cloud back-up and SLA to international standards.

Mobile responsive

Assetman is fully mobile responsive and has been specifically built for mobile users. On-site staff can use their mobile phone or tablet to query an asset.

Unlimited database

Assetman cloud database allows you to store unlimited number of assets. Our pricing options for cloud storage space is competitive and flexible.

International accounting standards

Allows you to depreciate the asset based on various depreciation methods- straight line, residual value - and provide the actual value of the asset obtained from a condition survey.

Pick Your Package

Pick Your Package

  • Basic

    Rs 2200
    Yearly subscription
  • Unlimited assets*
  • Asset information management
  • Asset tracking
  • Basic asset finance management
  • Software updates and upgrades
  • Unlimited helpdesk support
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  • Professional

    Rs 3150
    Yearly subscription
  • Unlimited assets*
  • Includes everything from basic
  • Asset maintenance management
  • Track asset maintenance expenses
  • Access on mobile devices
  • Dedicated account representative
  • Buy

Pick Your Package